6Blacklock Soho

Set up in the basement of an old brothel, it is one of the finest restaurants across London where you can enjoy smeared meat chops and cocktails in a totally amusing atmosphere. This place is known for its top-quality meat and wines. Thus you can have an absolute roasting experience on Sundays.

More Information:
Address: 24 Great Windmill St, Soho, London W1D 7LG, UK
Phone: 020 3441 6996

5Guinea Grill Mayfair

Running since long time, it is basically a seasonal British restaurant. The grass-fed Scotch beef steaks are the specialties of the place. You will be served with the world-class steaks, seafood and also the finest wines. The restaurant has an open grill as well as private dining room for the customers.

More Information:
Address: 30 Bruton Pl, Mayfair, London W1J 6NL, UK
Phone: 020 7409 1728

4The Bull and Last

At this menu, you will be served with world-class British menu. It is a historic pub cum restaurant that is focused at providing most excellent seasonal food to the customers in a traditional pub atmosphere. Couples for a romantic dinner or even families may equally enjoy at this restaurant with great foods and enjoyable environment.

More Information:
Address: 168 Highgate Rd, Highgate, London NW5 1QS, UK
Phone: 020 7267 3641

3Pharmacy 2 Vauxhall

It is a contemporary British bistro where the owners have made great efforts to combine the pill-based designs with a remarkable and excellent menu. It is a perfect combination of art and world-class roasted foods. You may enjoy Yorkshire pudding, cauliflower cheese, roast potatoes and buttered flowering sprout hearts.

More Information:
Address: Newport St, Lambeth, London SE11 6AJ, UK
Phone: 020 3141 9333

2Hack and Hop

Again it is a modern pub where you will be served the micro-brewed beers. They have a good selection of beers from across the country. Also, there are varieties of roasted food dishes with great flavours and the seasonal ingredients. The relaxing environment inside allows you to enjoy foods and drinks excellently.

More Information:
Address: 35 Whitefriars St, London EC4Y 8BH, UK
Website: http://thehackandhop.com
Phone: 020 7583 8117