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5 Most Beautiful Lakes in the United Kingdom

Lakes in the United Kingdom

6 Lake Vyrnwy

Lake Vyrnwy (Llyn Efyrnwy in Welsh) is a reservoir in Powys, Wales, which was built in the 1800s to supply freshwater to Liverpool and Merseyside. The view where water is spilling down in volumes from the dam has its beauty and is a fantastic idea for tourists coming, especially to the place from all over the World. One can enjoy boating, water sports, horse riding, fishing, bird watching and mountain biking or wait until night to enjoy star gazing with their loved ones.

More Details
Area: 4.53 km²
Length: 7.64 km
Max depth: 26 m
Location: Wales
Shore length1: 19 kilometres (12 Miles)

5 Loch Ness

Loch Ness is a large and second deepest lake after Loch Morar, about 230 meters down at its deepest point. It is a freshwater loch which is part of a series of large water channels in Scotland. It is famous for its popular tales of a monster lurking in its depths. It is also largest lake in terms of water volume. Its surroundings are fascinating home to the wildlife.

More Details
Length: 36.3 km
Area: 56.4 km²
Max. depth: 226.96 m (124.10 fathoms; 744.6 ft)
Location: Highland, Scotland

4 Windermere

In the whole Lake District, Windermere is the United Kingdom’s largest natural lake, which is more than 10 miles long and stretches between Ambleside and Newby Bridge. It has been one of the most famous tourist attractions since mid 19th century. Its central location is Cumbria’s Lake District National Park in northwest England, surrounded by a hilly view, extensive mountain ranges and small villages. It is also known as a typical “ribbon lake” created from the meltwater of two glaciers.

More Details
Length: 18.08 km
Area: 14.73 km²
Width: 1.49 km
Location: Lake District National Park
Max. depth: 66.76 m (219.0 ft)

3 Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond is a 24-mile-long lake located in southern Scotland. It is easily accessible from Glasgow as its southern shore is just 14 miles away from Glasgow city. This place is home to red deer and full of Oak trees. This lake is attractive due to its watersports and amazing forest views. Its attraction points include a famous Golf club, footpaths, cycle trails on the eastern shore, and countryside views.

More Details
Length: 39 km
Area: 71 km²
Location: West Dunbartonshire/Argyll and Bute/Stirling, Scotland
Website: http://www.lochlomond-trossachs.org

2 Coniston Water

This is one of the most beautiful lakes here in the UK. It is the third-largest lake in the English Lake District. It is a clean and peaceful place. One can enjoy his whole day here and enjoy activities like open swimming in lake water, boating to cherish beautiful lake views, taking long lake sidewalks and ending the whole day with a good sunset view.

More Details
Length: 8.8 km
Area: 4.7 km²
Width: 793 m
Max. depth: 56.1 m (184.1 ft)
Location: Lake District, Cumbria


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