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5 Famous Cities To Explore in The UK

5 Famous Cities

6 Cardiff

Cardiff is the eleventh largest city. Cardiff offers eye-catching shopping, museums, dining and entertainment places.Cardiff has a strong sporting and cultural appearance in the capital city. Best time to visit Cardiff is late spring and early autumn. There are so many exciting things to see, Fun-bars, Hips-boutique.

Famous Places
Cardiff Castle, St Fagans National History Museum, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff Bay

5 Birmingham

Birmingham is the fourth most-visited place. World class museum Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery are here. The gallery is famous for its paintings. There are limited hotels in Birmingham, so if you are planning for the long weekend, book your hotels before. Birmingham is also famous for sports football and tennis.

Famous Places
Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Birmingham Museum of Art, McWane Science Center, Southern Museum of Flight

4 Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the third most populous city. tourist come at this place for its famous festival Edinburgh International Festival and also for its monuments. Edinburgh International Science Festival also manage a large-scale international programme. It is also world;s festival leading city. It’s an amazing glaze of arts and culture from around the world.

Famous Places
Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh Zoo, The Real Mary King’s Close, Our Dynamic Earth

3 Manchester

Manchester is the third most-visited city in the world. The markets here at the time of Christmas are very popular. It is famous for the city of sport. Manchester city is very famous for its NIghtlife. There are a large number of performing venus, which organizes touring shows.

Famous Places
Castlefield Gallery, People’s History Museum, IWM North, Victoria Baths

2 London

London is a supreme worldwide city in the arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media tourism, and transportation. It is the most visited city in the world. There are four World Heritage Sites. More than 300 languages can be spoken here. There are many interesting sites to visit in a day.

Famous Places
Big- Ben, London Eye, Tower Of London, Buckingham Palace Tour, Kensington Palace, Westminster Abbey


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