The UK doesn’t have the most consistent weather in Europe or the same reputation for exquisite cuisine as its French, Italian, or Spanish neighbors. However, we are aware that top-notch meals need not be elaborate, pricey, or garnished with avocado. When you visit London, you’ll soon realize that you can easily take a culinary tour of the entire world by simply exploring the city. However, the menu changes a little after you leave the large, diverse metropolis, and that’s actually a good thing. Eat your way through the must-try classic foods to quickly become an authority on traditional UK cuisine.

1.Cream Tea

It is required that you eat a cream tea if you are in the south of England, also known as the country’s sunniest region. Two enormous scones, each lovingly topped with jam and thick, clotted cream, are served with this internationally renowned treat along with a hot teapot of the brown stuff. Ensure that you have access to your phone because your Instagram senses will go on overdrive after tasting these exquisite concoctions. #EFMoment.

2.Cornish Pasty

A filling Cornish pasty will always appease an empty stomach. Shortcrust pastry is used to enclose beef, potato, onion, and swede before baking. Try lamb, spicy, and even vegetarian choices to add diversity. No cutlery is required because the pastry pocket contains the hot filling, making this meal another hands-on learning opportunity. Just locate a nearby bakery, eat, and then say thanks to me. Mmm.

3.Fish and fries

The staple of the summer in the United Kingdom is this food. (All three of those days.) Whether you enjoy eating fish or turn your nose up at it, we English cook it in a way that will satisfy any appetite: Simply batter the daily catch and deep-fry it, then serve it with a mountain of thick-cut chips. You will next need to find the closest beach to eat at and coat it in salt and vinegar or ketchup.


Although falafel is not a typically British food, we have genuinely embraced it as a part of our expanding gastronomic culture. No matter how you choose to eat them, these Middle Eastern chickpea mash balls are delicious (and somewhat nutritious). Try them on a salad, in a wrap, or hot in a flatbread sandwich. Prepare to make everyone around you envious of your delicious cuisine by serving plenty of hummus alongside the tiny balls of joy.

5.Apple Crumble

The modest apple crumble is THE one and only best gift that the UK has given to the world’s taste senses. Some people could accuse me of being biassed because I would eat crumble every day (even for breakfast). The dessert of kings, crumbling flour, sugar, and butter are cooked with sweet apples to create a food of contrasting textures. Demand (or respectfully request) that it be served with hot custard, as it should be, if it is being served with ice cream.

6.Chips and Gravy

If you’re travelling to the northern half of the country, you can substitute chips and gravy for fish and chips for a slightly different food. Yes, it seems that the meaty liquids that are typically present on a roast meal go quite well with fries. It must be worth a go as practically everyone in the north enjoys it, especially if a freshly cooked steak pie has gravy dripping from it.