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Best 5 Things To Do on Christmas & New Year

New Year in London

So Christmas and New Year are fast approaching and the fun and thrill associated with both these festivities is also increasing day by day. It is the time of the year when everyone wishes to enjoy some of the most memorable moments of life while saying goodbye to the current year and welcoming the New Year with great enthusiasm. Everyone has different plans to celebrate Christmas and New Year in London. Here are some of the best five things that you may get engaged in on these special days this year. Keep reading.

6 Cozy up by the fire in a London pub

After whole days of hectic schedule enjoying the special days, you may prefer getting relaxed at one of the leading pubs in London by the side of fire in a cosy manner.

5 Explore 400 years of Christmas past at the Geffrye Museum

To enhance your knowledge about the 400 years old history of Christmas, you may prefer visiting the Geffrye Museum. At this museum, you may get amused to attend the craft fairs, festive evenings, and decoration workshops and carol singing.

4 Explore London’s Christmas Markets

You may prefer visiting Winter Wonderland Christmas markets, Southbank Centre Winter Market, Greenwich Christmas market, Winterville Clapham Common or the Kingston Christmas Market and shop for the special occasions.

3 Enjoy London Christmas Lights

Another great idea is to explore the London Christmas lights in various corners of the city that add to the beauty of the place. You may visit Oxford Street, Bond Street, Carnaby Street, Covent Garden, Regent Street and many more places to enjoy watching the wonderful light show.

2 Enjoy at Winter Wonderland

It is a great idea to spend your time in total enjoyment at this great place. You may listen to the live music, enjoy skating, discover mythical creatures, take a ride on the Giant Observation Wheel, have fun on the roller coasters or get engaged in creative Ice Sculpting.

You may get immense pleasure by getting engaged in all such pleasurable things and enjoy your time well.



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