Top 5 Fascinating Markets in London


6. Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market is a huge market for the unique collection of their magnificent clothing and crafts and interior You can window shop if you find any fashion stalls. They also offer home delivery for antiques as they are too heavy to take home. There you can find open stalls of fruits and vegetables.

Opening Hours
Open daily 10am-5.30pm

5. Borough Market

Borough Market, it is largest and oldest market in London famous for food. Every weekend food lovers come down the market to enjoy food from the stalls. There is wooden bench. It not only includes stalls and shops of clothes but fun-events are also there.

Opening Hours
Monday & Tuesday (lunch market) 10am-5pm,
Wednesday & Friday (full market) 10am-5pm,
Saturday 8am-5pm.

4. Camden Market

Camden is the biggest and attractive place to shop for art and crafts and clothes of the exclusive designer.Here you will get handmade jewelry. It’s the best place to spend a weekend here shopping and exploring different stalls. It is near about a river so it’s good to spend a day here.

Opening Hours
Monday – Sunday: 10am – 6pm

3. Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Market is famous for its antique pieces and second-hand clothes. If you want to experience everything then the perfect day to visit Portobello market is Saturday. There is Electric Cinema, where you can book sofa for two and can have wine in your hand.

Opening Hours
The hours vary according to weather
Summer: Most stalls set up from 8am-9am, finish 5pm-6pm
Winter/bad weather: Most stalls set up 9am-10am, finish 4pm-5pm

2. Brick Lane Market

Brick Lane market attract youngsters for their second-hand furniture and clothes, magazines. There is also a store of Beautiful Indian Saris. The restaurants are opened on all day but the main market is opened on Sunday only. In this market, you will get everything you needed from household equipment to books store.

Opening hours
Sundays only: 8am – 2pm