Located in northeast England, Durham is a historic city as well as a county town in northeast England. The city is surrounded by River Wear on the site of Romanesque Durham Cathedral and Norman Durham Castle. There are beautiful gardens and a maze in the medieval Crook Hall. Also, you can visit the marvelous Botanic Garden in the local university.

Northeast England



To be found on the River Avon, it is the county town of Warwickshire. An interesting and popular tourist spot in the town is the 9th century Warwick Castle. Originally, it was set up in the form of a stone fortress. With the passage of time and following its resettlement after the Great Fire of 16th century, it attained its present state.

England’s West Midlands region



Formerly a Royal Burgh, it is now considered to be a town that boasts off being the largest locality in Fife. Preserving its historic significance to date, it is the major service center across west Fife. It is also known for its professional football, cricket, and rugby teams. Dunfermline Abbey is the major tourist attraction of the town. Also, you can visit the renowned churches, palaces, and castles in the town.

Fife, Scotland



Situated on the River Nidd, it is a historic market town, civil parish and spa town. It remained a part of the West Riding of Yorkshire during historical times. The town is famous for hosting the annual Bed Race. Feva or Festival of Entertainment and Visual Arts is also a major attraction of this town. The Fort Montague, Mother Shipton’s Cave, Knaresborough Castle and the railway viaduct over River Nidd are among major tourist attractions.

North Yorkshire, England



Credited for being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a historic English Cathedral city that is located on the River Stour. It is famous for being one of the most visited cities across the UK. There is an endless list of tourist attractions locally such as Canterbury Heritage Museum, Rupert Bear Museum, the ruins of St Augustine’s Abbey and a Norman castle and so on.

Southeast England
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