Top 5 Romantic Places in London


6Switch House, Tate Modern

Switch House, Tate Modern

This modern art gallery is the national gallery of international modern art in Britain. Here you can see the national collection of British Art dating back to the 1900s. Also, it has the latest collections of artwork from the modern artists at international level. The gallery is located in the ex-Bankside Power Station.

5Little Venice

Little Venice

Popular for its canals and the moored boats, it is a lovely and prosperous area of London. You will be amazed to come across Regency-style buildings in the area. These are painted in white colour. The major attraction of the area is the Brownings’ Pool or the “Little Venice Lagoon”.

4View from Southbank

View from Southbank

It is a vibrant area that is to be found in the very close vicinity to the River Thames. Here you can feel and experience the culture of London. There is a beautiful riverside walkway with trees all across it. It is an absolute place to enjoy some of the most amazing views of London.

3Hampstead Heath View

Hampstead Heath View

Commonly referred to as the Heath, it is a big and historic park in London. The entire area is full of lush green grass. The area has hills, ponds, playgrounds, woodlands, and training tracks too. From the Parliament Hill in the area, you can have wonderful views all across the London.

2Searcy Gherkin

Searcy Gherkin

Located on the 39th and 40th floors of The Gherkin, it is a stylish and appealing cocktail bar and dining restaurant. Apart from food and drinks, you may get pleasure from the charming and lovely views of London from this place. This restaurant is quite popular amongst the lovebirds.