7Novikov Mayfair Christmas Market

This market is loved by most people as it offers an alluring collection of baubles, bangles, beads, and other jewelry items. Apart from shopping, it is also known to offer incredible dining experience during the Christmas week. It is a must-visit shopping area for some delightful movements.

6Greenwich Market

It is the sole historic market in London that is located within a World Heritage Site. It is a colorful market that has varieties of stalls displaying and selling products of arts, crafts and of course mouth-watering foods. It is all fun and great enjoyment to visit this market on the eve of Christmas.

5Southbank Market

Those who are in the outlook of some of the most delicious foods, drinks, cocktails, beverages, and other yummy snacks must visit this market. It is an apt place to enjoy street foods based on cuisines from Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. It is, in fact, one amongst the leading food destinations across London.

4Leadenhall Market

It is basically a covered market that offers you amazing shopping and dining experience in the city centre. Here, you may shop for a wide range of products right from clothes, wines, beers, foods to other things. It offers easy access to the vehicles as well for the convenience of the visitors.

3Angel’s Market

At this amazingly lovely market, you will come across adorned wooden huts that appeal to all the visitors. It is also an excellent and absolutely fit place to enjoy unique gastronomic pleasures. Here, you can shop for adoringly hand-crafted items, jewelry items, accessories and other seasonal items used on Christmas.

2Winter Wonderland

Located in Hyde Park, it is an absolute place to delve into the Christmas markets, festive bars and snowy cavern. True to its name, it is an absolute wonderland that allows you to have complete fun and enjoyment and unique shopping experience for the special occasion.