Dinner Cruises

A staggering 65 million people visit London each year, making it one of the most popular cities on earth.

London is incredibly fascinating due to its lengthy and colorful history, stunning locations, and mouthwatering dining options. Cruising the renowned River Thames, Britain’s longest river is one of the greatest ways to sample the best British cuisine while taking in views of the city. These are London’s top 5 dinner cruises:

1. Enjoy a live performance while you cruise for supper

The London Showboat Dinner Cruise will provide you with a distinctive cruise experience.

The champagne glass will be filled with a welcome beverage when you arrive. Enjoy a four-course lunch onboard with amazing cabaret, burlesque shows, and comprehensive entertainment.

This dinner cruise is for you if you’re feeling like the ideal party.

Advice: You should enjoy this with pals!

2. Visit places while dining

Discover some of London’s most well-known tourist attractions while dining on a Thames River Cruise to get the best of both worlds. Famous sites including the London Eye, Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and London Bridge will be on display on this dinner cruise in London.

Take a two-and-a-half-hour cruise dinner down the Thames while savoring a fantastic meal. This five-course dinner cruise is certain to be a memorable evening!

3. Take a lavish cruise on the Thames

On this opulent dinner cruise down the Thames, savor a chic feast. On a luxury yacht, savor a 5-course lunch, or take a leisurely Thames cruise.

A river ride that lasts almost three hours follows the trip’s start at the embankment pier. The elegant atmosphere is ideal for a date! Please be aware that the cruise has a very stringent dress code.

If they don’t dress elegantly for the occasion, they won’t be allowed on the ship. Please be aware that passengers under the age of 12 are not permitted on board.

4. At Baotou, savor a great supper

You’ll be served a five-course meal that includes truffle Cornish brie, white chocolate, raspberry ingots, simmering veiled feather leaves, and duck liver parfait. So, what must you accomplish following dinner? Obviously, dance! Enjoy the onboard live entertainment and take in the entire adventure.

5. Take a jazz cruise for dinner

This London dinner cruise is ideal if jazz music is one of your favorite genres. Take a quick tour of some of London’s most well-known sights, such as Big Ben, the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, and the Tower of London, after a 3-hour cruise with a frosty drink from the night.

On this voyage, you can enjoy a three-course lunch in a warm cabin while listening to live jazz music. Expected fare includes chicken schnitzel, cheese and cold cuts, and rich cheesecake with red berries.

Best Dinner Cruise Feature

Some refer to it as the Time eating Room, while others refer to it as freestyle or personal eating. Instead of setting a set time for dinner, visitors can eat whenever and wherever they like with their favorite people.

Flexible dining options let travelers decide when to eat each day in the main dining area on board, giving them more freedom to plan their days if they wish to spend longer time at a particular port of call.

There are options for casual eating if guests don’t wish to dress formally for supper. The majority of cruise lines provide informal dining, which includes buffet-style dinners as well as table service in the evening. For visitors who don’t want to fret about carrying formal attire, this is a perfect option.

Alternative Dining: In addition to a complimentary dining room and buffet, most cruises offer a number of additional eateries. In addition to providing menu items not available elsewhere on board, these specialized restaurants give customers a more individualized experience. However, the majority of these establishments demand extra fees. On both old and new vessels, there are enough specialty eateries and cafes to treat passengers the entire journey.

Healthy Options: For people who are concerned about their diet, an increasing number of cruises offer light meals that are low in fat and calories. Alternative healthy or spa cuisines are available on all cruise lines. As a result, guests can choose from low-fat, low-sodium, low-cholesterol, vegetarian, or other low-mix diets. However, it is advised that you let the cruise operator know in advance if you want a special meal.


We had a great time having dinner on the River Thames. The food was really very tasty and tasty, and wine fans could drink as much as they wanted. The staff was very friendly and willing to help everyone who came. Everything about it was unforgettable.