Best 5 Luxury Shopping Places in London, You Can’t Miss



Mayfair is an excellent place to live the magnificence lifestyle. Mayfair street has some specialist designer shops which provide unique products. There are lots of tourist attraction places in Mayfair like art galleries, museums. There is largest event space, you can hire this place for events.

Opening Hours
Monday – Friday:10AM-7PM

5Regent Street

Regent Street is a leading shopping street in the West End of London. In Regent Street number of festival take place annually and during this streets are closed to traffic. There are oldest and most famous shops which provide mid-priced fashion stores.

Opening Hours
Monday – Saturday: 10AM- 9PM
Sunday: 12PM -6PM

4Westfield, Shepherds Bush

Westfield is one of the multipurpose shopping centre in London. It is the place for both classy and low-branded people. This includes cinema, bars, restaurants. There will be music festival in Westfield street. Live music bands, Singing festivals. Childrens are also allowed in the pub, but till 6 P.M. Musical festival is held in several bars.

Opening Hours
Monday – Saturday: 10AM-9PM
Sunday: 12PM- 6PM

3Oxford Street

Oxford Street is the most visited shopping street. If you want to shop street and then this place is perfect for you. This place is mt expensive if you go for designer brand and boutiques. On Oxford street you cannot run private vehicles, this route is open for buses, autos during the daytime. Oxford Street is energetic at Christmas time when it shimmer and glimmer with Christmas lights.

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday : 9AM- 9PM
Sunday:10AM – 16PM


Harrods is one of the Luxury department and tourist attraction place in London. Harrods is not a place of shopping for adults, but also the best place for kids. You will be pleased to spend time in the beautiful department store. It is the finest place for food, fashion, homeware. You will find top international brands here.

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday 10AM – 9PM
Sunday from 11:30AM to 6PM