Zoos In Kent

Do you want to find some great zoos and animal parks in Kent and East Sussex? Let me know what you’re up to!

The cutest animal parks and zoos in kent and East Sussex. There’s something extra cute about seeing your kids be amazed by animals. They have a great time and learn a lot when they visit parks, farms, and animal sanctuaries. I often find that the adults also have a great time.

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Here is a list of the best places in and around Kent to see animals. Did we miss any? Tell us about them, and we’ll add them to our list. It’s what we do to share what we know about the area.

Park at Blackberry Farm

We recently wrote about Blackberry Farm Park, which has lots of cute animals. In the small animal barn, you can meet and pet some of the animals. Larger farm animals, like llamas, alpacas, and highland cows, are spread out around the farm. For kids’ entertainment, there are also great play places inside and outside.

For Aspens, the Bluebell Café

What could be better than seeing cute animals and helping a good cause at the same time? This Pembury café is run by a charity called Aspens. Small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs can be seen in the animal barn. There is also a nice path through the woods and a playground to enjoy. Keep an eye out for the hens and a pot-bellied pig.

A Christmas Tree Farm

This farm in Downe is a cute and less busy place to see animals. At the front gate, you can buy a bucket of food to feed the animals as you walk around. There are a lot of different animals, like sheep, llamas, goats, pigs, horses, and more.

Here are some more of Kent and East Sussex’s best zoos and animal parks…
A Drusilla

There are more than 100 animals at Drusillas, such as meerkats, red pandas, and sloths. There are also times when the animals are fed, so you can get close to them. There are also a lot of rides and great play areas, like a maze, a soft play barn, and a splash pad park (bring your swimwear!).

The Godstone Farm

This farm in Godstone is a lot more than just a farm. You can see farm animals of all sizes, from little ones like rabbits and guinea pigs to big ones like cows and horses. You can walk or ride a tractor around the farm. The soft play area inside is great, and there is a dinosaur walk and a great playground with one of the best sandpits in the area. You can enjoy the afternoon on the playground with a lunch (you can also buy food there).

Did you see the Zedonk?

Place in Groombridge

This area on the edge of Tunbridge Wells has lots of fun things for the whole family to do. The grounds at Groombridge Place are home to many animals, such as a zedonk (a donkey that looks like a zebra), peacocks, and Shetland ponies. Sometimes, birds of prey shows are also held there. You can also play on a great pirate-themed adventure playground or explore a magical forest when you’re done with the animals.

Jumping down

We couldn’t leave out Hobbledown, even though it’s a little bigger. There are many animals to see here, some of which are more unusual, like meerkats and lemurs. There is also a place for raptors where a bird of prey show is held. And don’t forget the awesome play areas! There’s a sand courtyard village, Hobbledown Village with underground tunnels and walkways above ground, high ropes, Zorbing, a knight-themed playground with towers, tunnels, and slides, and a mining village where your child can look for treasure.

I hope you have a great time!

The Howletts

The Aspinall Foundation is a protection group that runs this wildlife park in Canterbury. At Howletts Wildlife Park, you can see gorillas, a big anteater, leopards, monkeys, and the largest group of African elephants in the UK. There are lots of baby animals around all year, so you might see some really cute ones.

Life in Kent

A great way to see a running farm and its animals in Kent is to watch Kent Life in Maidstone. You can see sheep, pigs, horses, and goats, which are all raised at the centre as traditional farm animals. There is also a soft area where you can get close to some of the smaller animals. To keep the kids busy, Kent Life has a play area outside with a bouncy house, a land train, trail rides, and donkey rides.

Fun and adventure for everyone!

Go Knockhatch

Kids can enjoy a farm at Knockhatch with cows, donkeys, ponies, and giant rabbits. There is also an owl refuge and a few zoo animals. Also, there are some great play areas with a play castle, big bouncy pillows, crazy golf, a diving pool, rides, and some great indoor soft play areas with some of the best slides we’ve ever seen in a barn!

The Port Lymphe Reserve

The Aspinall Foundation, a protection group, runs the great safari park Port Lymphe, which is close to Hythe and has rhinos, giraffes, bears, lions, tigers, and leopards. The park is on 600 acres, and there are some great cabins inside the park where you can really get in touch with nature. Also, one of my best parts is riding in the Safari truck at Port Lympne through the grounds. I think this needs to be scheduled ahead of time right now, but it is worth it…

These are some of our best zoos and animal parks in Kent and East Sussex…

Centre for Rare Breeds

The Rare Breeds Centre in Ashford has a lot of ways for people to get close to the animals. For example, you can see farm animals and birds of prey, get close to smaller birds in an aviary, pet animals in a play barn, and even watch pig races! There’s also a play park, an adventure track, and walks through the woods after you’ve seen all the animals.

The Wildwood Trust in Kent

Wildwood is a 40-acre park with old trees where people can see more than 200 British animals in their natural habitat. Wolf, otter, fox, deer, badger, owl, wild horse, cat, beaver, and many more animals can be seen as you walk through the woods. You can also buy “experiences” here, like a tour with a keeper or a bear experience!

Wildlife Park in Wingham

Surely Kent’s best zoo? While Wingham Wildlife Park is a little farther away, it is close to Canterbury and only 90 minutes from Tunbridge Wells. If you want to see more unusual animals like tigers, lions, and bears, Wingham is the place to go. You can also visit a “dinosaur zoo” to see lifelike models of many different types of dinosaurs.