Spooky Houses

Everyone enjoys watching a scary movie where people go to a spooky houses and strange things happen and things go knock in the night. We tend to forget, though, that there are places in the UK where scary things happen to real families. Some scary places have become so well-known that they are now Inns and hotels where people can stay in the rooms as a test of how brave they are.

We took the decision to investigate to find the 8 spooky houses you can visit in the UK. Both of these houses have been scary in the past or have a history of strange things happening, which is why they are called “spooky houses.”

1. Elvey Farm

The Guinness Book of World Records says that Pluckily in Kent is the most haunted village in the UK. Elvey Farm is a cute little inn in the middle of Pluckily. This haunted village is right in the middle of Medieval Elvery Farm, which has some scary stories to tell. There have been stories about a sad schoolteacher, a soldier, a highwayman, a miller, a man who screams, and a white dog roaming the area.

2. The Ancient Ram Inn

People say that the Ancient Ram Inn is one of the most haunted places in Britain because things go knock in night. Strange things have happened here, like child sacrifice, suicide, and black magic rituals. Fraudsters also used it as a place to hide. John Humphries, the current owner, thinks that he lives with two demons, a witch, orbs, and other ghostly beings. Many people who have been to the assets have called it the “scariest place” they’ve ever been to

3. The Woodchester Mansion

Woodchester Mansion is an unfinished mansion in Gloucestershire. From the inside, it looks like it’s done, but the rooms on the outside are incomplete and empty, giving the place a creepy notice. When you consider that there are said to be ghost horsemen, ghosts who live in the Chapel, and more ghosts who live in the cellar, this is a very scary building that is not for the faint of heart.

4. Jamaica Inn

Jamaica Inn is known for being among the most haunted places in the UK. It takes place in the beautiful town of Cornwall, which is known for its beautiful beaches, mild weather, and expensive homes. But Jamaica Inn seems to have a grey cloud over it all the time, luring people in to feel the bumps in the night and hear the scary floorboards creak. It is known for strange things that happen there, like cartwheels and horses’ hooves in the cobbled courtyard, footsteps in empty hallways, a man in a black cape who walks through walls, and a dead body outside.

5. Ruthin Castle is a castle in Wales.

Ruthin Castle is known as one of the most spooky castles in the UK because it has a Drowning Pit, a dungeon, and a Beating Pit. Because of these features, it has been called one of the most haunted places in the UK. The scary story about the Castle is that a jealous wife killed her husband’s lover with an axe. This makes it very likely that strange and scary things will happen at this castle.

6. Hotel Talbot

Mary Queen of Scots is said to live in the Talbot Hotel, even though it has a modern coffee shop and other amenities in a nice setting. Mary walked down the stairs that used to be part of Fotheringham Castle before she went to the block where people were put to death. There are a lot of oak beams, open fires, and transom windows in the building, which give it a bit of a 16th-century feel and make it feel a little bit weirder.

7. Castle of Comlongon

It is said that a green lady lived in Comlongon Castle. She jumped off the tower and killed herself by cutting her head open and breaking her bones. In fact, the place where she fell doesn’t seem to grow grass to this day. People have also said that she smells like apples, glows green, and moves jewelry around halls. If you like jewelry, we wouldn’t suggest that you book a room in the Carruthers suite at Comlongon Palace.

8. The house at Thelhampton

Athelhampton House in Dorset is said to be one of the scariest locations in the nation. Many people who have been there have told of scary things happening there. There have been tapping sounds coming from the wine cellar, and several guests say they have seen a Grey Lady walking around the house. Also, if you’re more of a cat person, you may have heard a cat walking around the house and tapping its little feet on the floorboards.