Harry Wild

Jane Seymour plays a retired English professor in the Irish mystery drama series Harry Wild who discovers a talent for investigation and can’t help but become involved in the cases given to her police detective son.

Harry hesitantly agrees to remain with her son Charlie (Kevin Ryan) after she is robbed. But she gets motivated to solve it herself after she extracts a clue from her assailant that points to his murder case. As soon as she enlists her odd sidekick Fergus (Rohan Nedd), she starts to uncover fresh secrets.


Dublin, Ireland is the setting for the detective drama Harry Wild . This truth gives it more authenticity and realism and gives the plot a wonderful finishing touch.

The main character of the show is English literature professor Harriet “Harry” Wild, who resides at the home of her son Charlie. Despite having just retired, she can’t help but meddle in her son’s police investigations.

She becomes intrigued by a puzzling murder case, and soon she is working with budding sleuth Fergus Reid. They discover a young serial murderer with a Dostoevsky obsession, snuff game operators, and a rich Dublin matriarch who was killed over a video conversation while working together.

Dave Logan and Jo Spain wrote the eight-part television series. Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actress Jane Seymour plays the lead.


Irish mystery-thriller Harry Wild, starring Jane Seymour, winner of the Emmy and Golden Globe awards, airs on Acorn TV. A retired English professor who starts to become interested in the crimes her son Charlie (Kevin Ryan) investigates is the main character of the eight-episode first season.

The fact that the show is set in Dublin, Ireland, greatly enhances the reality of the narrative. Additionally, it helps viewers relate to the people and the scene, which is crucial for a crime drama.

The series’ filming ran from May 2021 until August of the same year. The majority of the episodes are filmed in Dublin, while some sequences are also shot in County Kildare, which is located west of Dublin.

In addition to a budding serial murderer with a Dostoevsky obsession, gamblers operating snuff games, and a rich Dublin matriarch slain during a video conversation, Harry and her aide Fergus (Rohan Nedd), uncover a number of other mysteries. Due to Charlie’s displeasure with his supersleuth mother interfering with his profession, the pair’s newfound zeal for investigating crimes puts them at odds.

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In the new mystery series Harry Wild on Acorn TV, Emmy and Golden Globe winner Jane Seymour plays a foul-mouthed, whiskey-loving detective. The series’ eight-part first season centers on the lives of retired professor of English Harriet “Harry” Wild (Seymour), who, after being robbed, has a choice and opts to stay with her detective son Charlie (Kevin Ryan).

She is compelled to become involved when she realizes that Charlie’s most recent murder case has a plot that is reminiscent of a forgotten Elizabethan play. She asks her mugger Fergus Reid (Rohan Nedd) for help, and they quickly develop a strangely compatible friendship that involves them doing detective work together.

‘Harry Wild’s’ eight-episode first season’s principal filming started in May 2021 and ended in August. The majority of the television show was shot in Dublin, Ireland. Many of the scenes in “Harry Wild” use as their backdrop one of the city’s well-known monuments. Here are the TV locations where you may see the show.

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Harry Wild Investigates will debut on April 4 on the streaming platform Acorn TV. Golden Globe winner Jane Seymour plays the impending retirement of literature professor Harriet “Harry” Wild in the eight-part series.

After being mugged, she chooses to spend some time healing at the house of her police detective son Charlie (Kevin Ryan) to get her life back on track. She quickly realizes she has a talent for inquiry, though, and she can’t help but get involved in his cases.

As a result, she encounters Fergus Reid, her assailant (Rohan Nedd), and the two become friends while investigating together.

The series began filming in May 2021, and it was finished in August of that same year. The majority of the scenes were shot in Dublin, Ireland, when the production crew set up shop in College Green at Trinity College Dublin.